Restoration Progress
Updated as of 02/04/2004

As of 01/24/04

This is a front view of the frame and new bodywork being mounted. Guys in the photo, left to right, Bob Stoker, Charles Mangham, and Frank Davis. Seated is Ed Mabry. Frank and Bob helped Stormy Mangham build the streamliner and acted as pit crew at all the record runs. Charles is Stormy's son and brought the photos of the early construction days in the life of the streamliner.

This is a rear view of the frame and new bodywork.

The completed engine head at Keith's shop, RPM Cycle.

RPM Cycle mechanic Cory Korn refurbishing the engine crank.

     (As of 01/17/04)
Here is a photo of the 1st 1/2 of the new body complete.

The body is being made at Associated Fiberglass Enterprises right down the street from Ed Mabry's shop in Ft Worth. The Production Manager is Glen Doskocil. Their website is The 2nd 1/2 of the body is due to be complete by the end of the week. Glen has a digital camera and has agreed to take photos of the entire process.

This is the fiberglass mold after refurbishing.

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