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Dave on the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week.

Lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, married for a long time to a great wife with two professional musician sons. Former corporate lizard who finally had enough. Now making half the money but having 10 times the fun!

Raced hare scrambles and drags, dabbled in MX, flat track and road racing. Most memorable racing was Land Speed racing at Bonneville with the Big 'D' Cycle and Team Triumph Texas crews!
"Ride it like you stole it!"
Dave Howe

Want to see the best Brit Bike thread anywhere, anytime, period?

My friend Simon Davis (Sir Simon) and his mate Andy spent time at the British National Museum a year or so ago and came up with this.  Si grew up with these bikes, wrenched them and raced them.  Now he photographs & writes about them.  If things work out you may be treated to some of his stuff here in the States.  Si is coming over for a visit this year in September.  I wanted to get him to Lake O' the Pines but I don't think time will allow it.

This is a 2-page thread and if you want to see all the bikes you'll need to scroll past a lot of text posts, the pics are in "bunches".  Click here to view the thread.

Dangerous Dave Howe