Save the Mangham-Wilson-Allen Streamliner!
Schedule of Public Appearances
Last updated 11/22/04.

Hi Everyone!

We made it back from Bonneville Saturday morning. It was a very rewarding and tiring trip. The streamliner was the hit of the meet. There was a constant crowd around it on the Salt. George has posted the latest pics and also a 30-second video of us starting the bike before we left. We've received so many messages and congratulations it's overwhelming. We met some of the legends of Bonneville while we were there. Dave Campos and the EasyRider streamliner which holds the current international record of 322mph, Denis Manning who put on the meet with BUB, Rob North (you know who he is!), Jimmy Odom, and Sam Wheeler who made a 322mph on-way pass in his EZ Hook streamliner. There was also a large media presence. We counted 6 European magazines, Cycle World, the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, and Speed Channel. Speed channel filmed the bike and interviewed Keith for an upcoming segment of 2 Wheel Tuesday or Dave Despain's Wind Tunnel, which may turn into something larger if there is enough interest. The trip was everything we hoped it would be and more.

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From left to right: Dennis Tackett, Paul Laubach, Keith Martin and Ed Mabry.

Link to Keith Martin's website.                   Link to Ed Mabry's website.

Thanks to everyone who has followed our journey and offered help.

Thanks to Roy Richards and the National Motorcycle Museum for the opportunity to restore it after the fire.


We closed the door of the trailer at 7:10pm 9/3/04. The winner of the SOS package is Derek Mosher from Tucson, Arizona. He only missed it by 11 hours and 40 minutes.

Derek with the Streamliner on the Salt.

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The Streamliner's last public appearance in the USA was at the 20th Annual Lake O' the Pines Motorcycle Rally sponsored by the North Texas Norton Owners Association.