The Engine/Gearbox and Suspension Guru

Keith in the back of his North Dallas Triumph Dealership.
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Keith Martin has over 18 years experience in the motorcycle dealership business. He began his motorcycle career after leaving the Satellite Industry where he was a successful Technician and Project Manager. He worked at Big D Cycle in Dallas, Texas for Jack Wilson over 12 years. Jack Wilson was best known for his engine expertise and Bonneville land speed records, but he was also a concourse quality reconstructor of mostly Triumph classic motorcycles. Jack was the engine builder and tuner for the Triumph Streamliner that set the world speed record in 1956. The Triumph Bonneville was named for this record setting bike and was their best selling model from 1959 through 1983.

Under Jack Wilson’s guidance, Keith Martin learned everything about the motorcycle business including how to build racers and restore classic motorcycles. He can plan the project, design, and build superior racers, engines, chassis, in addition to obtaining hard to find parts. If he can’t find it, he can make it. In 1989 Keith was promoted to General Manager and Director of Racing for Big D Cycle. While performing these duties, Keith not only won many roadracing championships, he built motors for other winning race teams, and sponsored Chris Stobaugh for 2 consecutive AHRMA-Formula 750cc roadracing championships.

The Big D Cycle team won the AHRMA Sportsman 750 championship in 1995. Also in 1995, when Triumph went back into production for US distribution, Keith sold the very first Triumph in the country. In 1998 Keith purchased the new Triumph dealership from Jack Wilson, who was retiring, and began RPM Cycle. In 1998 Keith Martin, riding himself, won the CMRA Vintage 3 and 4 championships for RPM Cycle. RPM Cycle also sponsored Rob Tuluie in back to back BEARS victories at Daytona in 1999 and 2000. In the 2001/2002 season, Keith built the engines and sponsored Craig Murray to back to back AHRMA/BEARS national roadracing championships.

Today, Keith Martin is known nationally as an expert in Triumph Motorcycle history, mechanics, and restoration. Keith will restore the engine, gearbox, and complete overall mechanical reconstruction of the Triumph Streamliner as part of the team commissioned by the national British Motorcycle Museum.

Keith Martin at the Museum for the 40th Anniversary of the record setting event