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Last updated 09/23/04.

Update 9/23/04
More photos of the Streamliner back on the Salt!  (Check out the photos)

Update 9/3/04
WE DID IT!!!!!
Today at 7:10pm we shut the doors on the trailer. The streamliner is complete and loaded for Bonneville. I can't tell you how proud I am of the entire team. I especially want to mention and thank Paul Laubach. Paul's mechanical expertise and machine work enabled us to reproduce every detail of the streamliner. I can't announce the winner of the contest until we return from Bonneville as I have the list in e-mail at work. Thanks to everyone in and outside of the motorcycling community for supporting us in our efforts.  (Check out the Photos).

Dennis Tackett
SOS Project Manager

Update 9/2/04
We've really been putting in the hours. It's midnight and I'm just getting home. Paul and Keith have been working non-stop. We're almost ready to start it up! The only items remaining to complete are all control cables, oil lines, and fuel lines as well as mounting the seat.  (Check out the photos).

Update 9/01/04
The frame has been painted black along with appropriate parts. Engine and gearbox assembly installed. Rear wheel installed. Handlebar and pulley wheels installed. It's really looking like a motorcycle now.  (Check out the photos).

Update 8/29/04

We've reach another major milestone. The body work is completely painted. It's gorgeous! Jason will buff it out today and then it gets moved back to RPM for final assembly tomorrow.  (Check out the photos)

Update 8/28/04
The white base coat of paint has been applied and baked over night. This morning we're laying out the red checkerboard and numbers on the tail section. The red will be painted this afternoon. The blue paint will be done tonight or first thing in the morning. After the blue is baked on, the final clear coat will be applied over it all. We'll move it back to RPM on Monday for final assembly. We're in the home stretch!  (Check out the photos)

Update 8/27/04
All the bodywork has been prepped for final paint. The inside of each piece has been painted white and the outsides primed. We decided to wait to paint the frame until after the final bodywork painting is completed this weekend. The bodywork has to be painted while it's mounted on the frame and we were worried about over-spray. The enclosed trailer we'll use for Bonneville isn't available today so we'll move the streamliner on an open trailer to the paint shop. Do you think we'll get a few looks hauling it down the street?  (Check out the photos)

Another interesting tale:

When Jack Wilson closed down Big D Cycle it was sold to a less-than-reputable new owner and eventually went bankrupt. When Keith heard about it he attended the auction of assets to obtain as much Big D legacy machinery/tools/parts as possible. One of the items he obtained was Jack's personal toolbox. Of course all the standard tools and wrenches had been removed but there were a couple of drawers still containing some items. No one except Keith realized they were all the special tools Jack had made to work on Triumph engines. One of these hand-made tools is for finding top dead center to set the timing on a pre-unit Triumph. If you look closely at the recent engine photo you will see this same tool being used by Keith to set the timing (it's installed in the spark plug hole). We are doing our very best to make the restoration as authentic as possible. Not only are we following the same construction methods, in some cases we're using the exact same tools!

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

Update 8/22/04
We reached a major milestone over the weekend. The inside of all the bodywork is now painted white and the outside is in primer. We plan to paint the frame this week. Final painting of all bodywork will take place next weekend at Herb's in Plano. I like to send a big thank you to Herb's Paint and Body in Plano for their sponsorship and to Jason Small for all the hard work on his own time.  (Check out the photos)

The magneto restored by Bob Kiser looks great.

Thanks to Dan Dzivi for the seat work.

Thanks to Paul Laubach for all the mechanical work. We couldn't have completed it without you!

Thanks to Stewart Garrison for the fuel tank. (He found it in a farm implement scrap yard and it matches the original very closely!)

I'd like to take the opportunity to relate a couple of stories that are typical of the camaraderie and volunteer spirit I've seen time and again on this project:

Several months ago when we had all the SOS gear on eBay for sale, I received a message from a group of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts in South Africa. They didn't have a lot of money but were following the project closely over the Internet. They scraped up enough to order a couple of t-shirts. I was so touched by their letter I included some extra SOS gear at no charge. Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from South Africa containing a check for 100 Pounds Sterling. This is close to $200 USD. We are obviously kindred sprits because they specifically earmarked the donation for "beer at Bonneville". I am certainly not one to ignore specific instructions so we will do our best to follow this request and you can bet there will be quite a few toasts to our newfound friends in South Africa!

Keith received an e-mail a couple of months ago directing him to a particular eBay item. It turned out to be a metal die cast model kit of our streamliner from 1958! It was produced in England and a professional model builder in the UK had put it up for sale. Keith called him immediately and after he learned who we were, he took it off the site. He volunteered to send the model at no charge but said if we could pay for his time he would assemble and paint it properly for us. Of course we agreed. We received his package last week and it's stunning! It even includes a little driver in white helmet and jumpsuit! (Check out the Die Cast Model)

We're coming down to the wire and I'm as nervous as an armadillo crossing an interstate, but we're going to make it! I'll be taking 2 weeks vacation beginning the 1st of September to help wrap up loose ends and then make the Bonneville trip. I hope to see a lot of you there!

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

Update 8/18/04
George has returned from a wonderful riding vacation through the Rockies and will be updating the website on a regular basis again. Welcome back George! We've really accomplished a tremendous amount of work since the last update. Paul has completed all the bodywork including the engine compartment door, air scoops, and driver doors. Jason has completed prepping all the bodywork pieces for paint. The inside of the bodywork will be painted this weekend. The frame will be painted around the 25th. Final paint of the entire body will take place the weekend of the 27th. The pulleys are installed for the outrigger control, the template is complete for the rear fender fabrication, and the racing tach is arriving tomorrow. The tach was extremely hard to find and we were only able to obtain one from a collector after we told him it was for the streamliner. The original competition tach came from a BSA Goldstar. The streamliner is really taking shape now and we think it's going to turn out spectacular!  (Check out the photos)

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

Update 8/5/04
Our Webmaster, George Tuttle, is heading out for a 10-day ride in Colorado so this will be the last update until he returns. Have fun George!

The driver compartment doors are complete. The "firewall" is installed. I put firewall in quotes because I always thought its purpose was to BLOCK the fire, instead of becoming a wall of fire. As you can see, the original firewall was made of wood and we've recreated it, but with a little shaking of our collective heads.  (Check out the photos)

We've had a change of painters. We intended to use Curt at Colorworks but his business has been so hectic he just hasn't had time for our project. We had a couple of other options so we've contracted with Jason Small at Herb's Paint and Body. Jason's shop is just around the corner from RPM Cycle so it will be easier to transport the pieces and check progress. Jason plans to begin painting the inside of the body work this weekend and then we'll completing final fitting for external painting next week. A bio of Jason is in the works and will be posted after George returns from vacation. This brings up a good point. If you're already retired, can a trip to Colorado be called a vacation?

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

Update 7/29/04
The hump has been completed. Engine compartment cover is complete. Front body work wheel cuts are complete. We're in the process of installing the engine frame and rear wheel to allow us to complete the wheel cuts on the rear section. Progress! (Check out the photos)

Update 7/25/04
It was so bad we had to blast!
Our little volunteer group arrived at RPM Cycle at 9am as scheduled to prep the frame for painting. Volunteers included George Tuttle, Bob Hagemann, Dave Howe, Dickey Hunter, me, and Stewart Garrison. We set to work sanding the frame and quickly realized this was not going to work. The intense fire had baked the frame so long the paint basically turned into powder coat. Luckily Stewart came to the rescue by bringing his portable sandblasting equipment. We had been afraid to turn the frame over to a commercial sandblaster due to the fragile condition of the joints and brackets. The sandblaster was a one-man operation so I thanked the rest of the volunteers for showing up and sent them home. Stewart and I worked in shifts for the next 7 hours to complete the sandblasting. This was grueling work in the 100+ degree heat but it was worth it to pass another major milestone. The frame is now prepped for paint. There are a few details to complete, such as attaching the loop holding the headrest behind the driver, and then it will be painted. Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their weekend to help and a really BIG THANKS to Stewart for saving the day with his sandblaster. (Check out the photos)

Ed's shop-cleaning day
We had a huge number of volunteers show up early Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I was moving a little slow after sandblasting all day and didn't arrive until 9:15am. It was great timing however because the shop was done! We had enough people show up to assign a small section to each person which made for very quick work. Thanks very much to all the volunteers! We had a great productive weekend!

Update 7/23/04
The hump behind the driver's headrest is installed. The gearbox is assembled. Front end is mounted in preparation for final body cuts for the wheel openings. All body work will be removed on 7/23/04 for frame prep by SOS volunteers on 7/24/04.  (Check out the photos)

Update 7/20/04
We've made lots of progress in all areas. Keith is in the process of building the motor. Final fiberglass work is being completed on the new body work such as adding the hump behind the driver and the engine cover. Dan completed the seat and headrest.  (Check out the photos)

Update 7/15/04
Great news! We've finally turned the corner on the new body work. The two halves were joined and then front, rear, and bottom sections cut. Fiberglass layers were added to stiffen the joined sections and left to dry overnight. Our first test piece with powder blaster didn't turn out as we hoped. The baking soda blaster does not take all the baked-on paint and rust off. Looks like we'll do the old-fashioned way (sanding, scraping, wire brush), which is what always seems to work best on this restoration for some reason. Ghosts of old-time Triumph mechanics perhaps? We've begun and 7-days-a-week schedule at RPM for the restoration. Clock's ticking!  (Check out the photos)

RPM Cycle Projects

Keith wanted to let everyone know that we are continuing the Bonneville tradition begun by Stormy, Jack, Pete, Johnny, Jess, Ed, and Jon. Check out the RPM website at

Keith is building a 750cc fuel-injected nitro-methane un-faired Triumph to make a run at the existing record of 124mph held by a Norton (Our apologies to NTNOA members, but yes, we're taking the record away from Norton!).

Keith is also building a really trick 8-Valve Triumph in a Rickmann frame as a café/street rod. Check out the brakes and suspension!

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

Update 7/13/04
Well, as with any project, there have been quite a few challenges to overcome. Our biggest problem to date has been the frame. We expected it to be difficult, but the length or the frame and its flexibility from being heated in the fire have really given us fits. It would have been much easier to just build a whole new frame or take the existing frame to one of the CompuTrack laser frame alignment companies. As with all decisions on this project, we had to ask ourselves how they would have done it in 1956 and stay true to those methods. We've finally got it straight and the wheels aligned with low tech torches, pulleys, hammers, and blocks. Now that we have the frame completely straight we've found that the fiberglass body work was cast too thick. The body is actually bending some smaller parts of the frame after attachment instead of vice versa like it should. We've cast new thinner fiberglass body work and we tried fitting the new thinner body work to the frame and found it was too thin. Since we're running short on time we're doing the alterations at RPM instead of hauling the moulds and shells back and forth to Ft Worth. We added two more layers of fiberglass to one of the new sides and left it in the mould overnight to cure. The second body half will be completed the same way on 7/14 and then left to cure overnight. We will try to fit the body work again on 7/15.

Update 7/12/04
Front shocks mounted.
First cuts on new bodywork completed.

As of 7/10/04
We've finally got the frame perfectly straight and the wheels aligned. New thinner fiberglass body work has been made and it is being fitted to the frame.
Work completed so far:
Front and rear wheels and tyres complete. (Click here for photos)
Frame completely straight with front and rear wheels aligned perfectly.
New fiberglass body work halves complete.
Dummy wood panels mounted for fitting new body work.
Front shocks complete.
All engine components and hardware complete. Waiting for assembly.

Dennis Tackett

Project Manager

Sorry it's been a while since my last update. I'd like to have some earth shattering photos for you but the last few weeks have very difficult.  Ed Mabry did a great job getting the frame and body 90% straight, but as they say, the last 10% of a project takes 90% of your time.  We found that the weight of the frame and body resting on the wheels throws off the alignment of the steering head.  We've actually had to leave some sections and parts bent so they will align straight under the weight loading of the body and engine.  We believe the heat of the fire has weakened the space frame tubing and is allowing a small amount of flex.  As a result, front/rear wheel alignment is off by 1/8".  (Click here for photos) This is not acceptable and will be corrected.  Front and rear fender templates have been made.  All engine and gearbox parts are in and assembly should be complete by the middle of next week.  We're running a little behind my original schedule but we will have it complete for Bonneville the first week of September.

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

We are in the process of building up the wheels and mounting them this week on the chassis. (Click here for photos) We had to recreate the rear hub out of billet aluminum since the original completely melted in the fire. This took a little longer than expected because we had to reverse engineer the spoke angles from the warped rear 19" Dunlop rim. The original rear hub was custom made to allow smaller gearing to be run for higher top speed. We were able to save the original front 19" Dunlop rim and steel hub and these have been refinished and laced with new spokes.

The front shocks are complete. We sent the original shocks off and received exact duplicates last week. We didn't re-use any of the old shock parts as they were extremely brittle.

Engine work is progressing. The new engine cases are complete along with the original head and barrel. We salvaged about half of the original hardware and this has been sent out to be cad plated or chromed as appropriate. We were surprised at how much hardware was chromed instead of cad plated. We surmised this was done on purpose as chrome would hold up better to the harsh salt environment compared to cad plating. We hope to have the engine completed in 2 weeks.

We found some interesting information about the rider seat. All that was left of the original seat was the sheet metal pan after the fire. We never found a good detailed photo of the seat so I called Jess Thomas in California to see if he remembered what the seat configuration was when he set the 500cc record. It was certainly bare bones! They had stuck 2 old Bates pillion pads in the bottom of the metal seat pan and called it good! We actually had 2 of these in stock and you can see them in the attached photo of the wheels. The headrest consisted of some foam and an old Bonneville seat cover. The seat pan is in the process of being painted and the head rest is being re-upholstered.

The Streamliner was transported to RPM Cycle in Dallas on Friday morning, April 16.  (Click here for photos)  It was on display at RPM Cycle during their Open House and Swap Meet on Saturday.  The next step in the restoration is for Keith Martin to get the engine and rear wheel in place and make the header cutouts.  This should take two or three more weeks.  Temporary wheels have been mounted because the repaired wheels from Buchanan have not yet been delivered.  The Streamliner will then go back to Ed Mabry's shop for final wheel alignment and the mounting of air scoops.

Check out Editor-in-Chief David Edward's full page editorial in the May issue of Cycle World Magazine.
David was a friend and admirer of Jack Wilson and has been very supportive of the SOS efforts to restore the old burned up Texas Ceegar to her former glory! You might even want to buy the May issues as a Texas Ceegar souvenir.
And speaking of sure and check our New "The Texas Ceegar Streamliner Store" for some GREAT SOS collectables!

Frame is 99% complete. Ed needs to attach the front roll bar and install the footers. Bodywork is in final stages. It's been joined on the bottom and the initial cuts made. Should be ready for paint in about 2 weeks.

Keith is building a stock motor to allow running pump gas. He's waiting for the crank to come back and then he'll start assembly of the engine. He has all parts needed for the engine, gearbox, and carbs. He can have all of this built in about 2-3 weeks.

Need to get Paul started next week on fabricating the early version of the fuel tank. It'll be ready when we need it.

Rear hub has been machined. New rim will be laced next week. Front wheel is at Buchanan's for straightening and lacing and should be back next week.

Ordering 19" Dunlop ribbed tires this week and Stewart will "antique" them when they arrive next week.
Aircraft control parts are readily available and Ed has the catalog. I'm planning to turn the airdales of our group loose on this task.

Daniel Dzivi will do the seat upholstery and has confirmed he can match the pattern.
Stewart Garrison has offered to do the sheet metal (seat pan and front "fender").

I figure we'll have a rolling chassis with completely painted bodywork by Easter. Lots of little details after that but worst case completion still looks like the end of May or mid-June. This gives us over 2 months of flex in the schedule before Bonneville in case we hit some snags.

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

The two body halves and the turtle deck were all mounted on the frame for the first time today.  Everyone was delighted to see how precisely Ed Mabry had straightened the frame and aligned all the attaching points.  The two halves came together better than anyone imagined.  Ed then made the initial cuts along the seams that will eventually allow the body to come apart exactly like the original.  The folks from Associated Fiberglass will now fiberglass along the top and bottom of the shell which will complete all the fiberglass work (we hope).

The Mangham-Wilson-Allen streamliner will be on display at the 20th Annual NTNOA Lake O The Pines Rallye October 1-3, 2004. This event attracts some of the best motorcycles in the United States for the People's Choice Bike Show. Over 100+ bikes and 250+ participants arrive every year at this beautiful campground in the East Texas Piney Woods to enjoy good BBQ, great concourse quality bikes, and rides around the lake. For a recap of the 2003 Rallye go to:

We've added 3 photos to the Restoration Progress page.  Take a look at

We will be selling the pin and t-shirts through our website shortly for fund raising.

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

We found Charlie Mangham, Stormy's son and Kit Mangham, his wife. She remembers going down to the shop while they were building the streamliner and Charlie has a bunch of photos. Charlie is almost deaf and can't talk on the phone very well. I asked if we can meet with her and Charlie to document what they know. Charlie is very protective of his photos so I asked if we could have them just long enough to scan them. Another piece of the puzzle!
Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

(12/08/03)  (Meeting 12/13/03)
Ed has asked for some Sunday we need 3-4 guys to clean up the body molds so Ed can make some body-profile templates to guide him in finishing the external dimensions of the chassis.
We'll need to scrub the molds down good with soap & water, then clean the insides with acetone.
Ed has the acetone so I guess all we need are a few bodies!
Don't know what time for sure yet...probably 10:00 - 2:00 or thereabouts.
If the weather is good maybe we can ride, maybe breakfast too. Breakfast even with bad weather.
Please let me know if you can make it.
Dave Howe (

(11/26/03)  (Meeting 11/30/03)
Mick Duckworth is writing an article on the Streamliner for the January issue of Classic Bike. He needs a photo of the volunteers along with a current photo of the condition of the bike. If you are interested please be at Ed's shop between 12:30 and 1pm Sunday. We'll take a few photos and then go to the 2pm meeting at the new BMW dealer in Ft Worth. Attached is a map to Ed's. It's the Minnis Drive exit off 121 - 2528 Weaver Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76117. (See map)  When you turn north on Weaver his shop is on the right about 2 blocks. Blue metal bldg. Number is 817-831-1805 if you get lost.

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

I'm sending this to everyone that made the last meeting and that actually volunteered labor or parts. Mick Duckworth is writing an article for the January issue of Classic Bike. He would like a photo of everyone that is working on the streamliner. I would like for everyone to meet at Ed's shop between 12:30 and 1pm this Sunday. The frame is over at Ed's now so we can take a photo of everyone standing behind it. We can go to the meeting from there.
Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

Hi everyone,
Mick Duckworth is a longtime writer for various magazines. He is doing a story on the streamliner for the January issue of Classic Bike. We've been trading e-mails and I asked for any photos he might have of the streamliner. See attached (Mick Duckworth's Photos). We met at Daytona a few years ago and he remembered my 500 racer.
Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

I've been writing some lengthy articles on the Streamliner. They're too large to e-mail with all the photos so I'm talking with Dave Howe and George Tuttle to post them on the NTNOA website or start a new one. In the meantime I thought I would send you a few e-mails of where we are and some interesting things we've found while working on the Streamliner. I'll keep the content small for those of you still with dial up (including me at home).

See <[Photos]> for an overall photo from the rear of the bike. You can see that the frame is bent where it fell off the stand at the museum on the right side. The frame was made using 2 Triumph frames, 3/4" tubing, and 3/8" tubing.

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager

From: Dennis Tackett <>
Subject: Ref: Save the Mangham-Wilson-Allen Streamliner

Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for help.

A lot of you know me through vintage racing, NTNOA, and being allowed to hang out at Big D and later RPM. Jack and Keith built my first Triumph ('73 Bonneville) and later my vintage roadracers (500cc B50 and TR5MX). I am forever in their debt for that and their personal friendships.

What you may not know is that professionally I have been a Project Manager for over 20 years for various companies. I have never failed to successfully complete a project, no matter how large or complex. Highlights of my career include many communications projects for the United States Government, United Nations, and embassies throughout the world. I was fortunate to be chosen by MCI in my capacity as Project Manager to mobilize one of MCI's emergency communications semi-trailer trucks after 911. Our truck was mobilized from Texas and was up and running on site in NY within 26 hours of the disaster. This truck provided free phone service for the victims, families, and rescue crews. I also mobilized an emergency crew to Guam after the typhoon hit last year and restored phone service to the island. I am so grateful to the museum to give me the opportunity to bring my professional expertise to bear on this most important project.

As Project Manager I will organize and direct all efforts. It is very important to stay focused and not waste efforts, as we have a very tight timeline. The museum intends to have their re-opening a year from this December. The streamliner will be at the re-opening ceremony. Our goal is to produce the most accurate restoration of the original 1955 streamliner as possible. This means all parts will be those available in 1955. Any machining/manufacturing must conform to 1955 era methods or at least emulate the appearance. We don't want it pretty or high-tech. This is a historical restoration. Also, it must run and roll. We won't use the methane/alcohol fuel used then, as this would be too dangerous to work with. We will use standard gasoline for fuel.

Any communications you desire to have with the museum must go through me. You can only imagine the monumental tasks they have. Not only do they have to try and restore over 400 of the 900 bikes damaged in the fire, they also have to restore the display facilities and convention areas.

I will bring sign up sheets to the meeting at Dave Howe's place at 1pm Saturday. Everyone must sign in. These sheets will ask for contact information, areas of expertise, ideas, parts, and hours/dates available for work. If you cannot be there drop me a note with the same information. After review of these sheets, you will be given work assignments and completion due dates. Do not sign up for anything you cannot complete on schedule. I must apologize to everyone in advance. I will probably irritate and p*ss off some, most, or all of you at some stage during this project. I get extremely intense professionally completing projects and I do not accept failure to complete a task. Be sure you can commit 110% to anything you sign up for. If you do not or cannot complete an assigned task on schedule it will be re-assigned to someone else. This means no excuses such as kid's ballgames, rides, meetings, work, sickness or death. If you die you will still be required to complete your assigned tasks before you are buried! This will be a fun and rewarding project and I look forward to working with all of you.

Also, we must try and keep from disrupting Keith's business at RPM. He has a shop to run and a living to make so I have received permission to stage the damaged bike in the back storage section when it arrives. This may or may not be the location of the restoration. If you have any questions, contact me, not Keith.

Below is my home number. Feel free to contact me anytime. I have also copied myself on my home e-mail if you need that also.

Best regards,
Dennis Tackett
Mobile: 214-402-1436
Home: 940-498-1240

From: Tackett, Dennis <>
Subject: Test message and status
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 20:00:22 +0000

Hi everyone,
I've set up everyone on this distribution list as it was getting bulky with individual addresses. I'll send my trip report this week I promise. Been crazy at work. We did make some progress on the streamliner this week. I spent 3 hours on Saturday taking digital photos (240) of the streamliner so we'll have a reference. Also working on getting detailed measurements to get it done in 3D cad.
More to follow.

Dennis Tackett
Project Manager